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The Quiet American
Director: Phillip Noyce (Dir)
Release Date:   22 Nov 2002
Premiere Information:   Toronto Film Festival premiere: 6 Sep 2002; New York and Los Angeles release: 22 Nov 2002; Vietnamese premiere: 17 Dec 2002
Production Date:   17 Feb--late Apr 2001 at Fox Studios, Sydney, Australia
Duration (in mins):   100-101 min
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Cast:   Michael Caine (Thomas Fowler)  
    Brendan Fraser (Alden Pyle)  
    Do Thi Hai Yen (Phuong)  
    Rade Sherbedgia (Inspector Vigot)  
    Tzi Ma (Hinh)  
    Robert Stanton (Joe Tunney)  
    Holmes Osborne (Bill Granger)  
    Quang Hai (General Thé)  
    Ferdinand Hoang (Mr. Muoi)  
    Pham Thi Mai Hoa (Phuong's sister [Miss Hei])  
    Mathias Mlekuz (French captain)  
    Kevin Tran (Watch tower soldier)  
    Lap Phan (Watch tower soldier)  
    Tim Bennett (American photographer)  
    Jeff Truman (Dancing American)  
    Nguyen Ha Phong (Muoi's henchman)  
    Navia Nguyen (House of 500 Girls' woman)  
    Lucia Noyce (American woman [at Continental Hotel])  
    Hiliary Douglas (American woman [at Continental Hotel])  
    Daniel Hung (Assassin)  
    Nguyen Kim Hoan (Assassin)  
    Trinh Mal Nguyen (Assassin)  
    Trong Pham (Assassin)  
    Tran Do Luc (Vietnamese policeman)  
    Nguyen Cong Ly (Vietnamese guard [at General Thé's])  
    George Mangos (French soldier)  
    Natasha Hunter (French singer [at L'arc en Ciel])  
    Martine Monroe (French singer [at L'arc en Ciel])  
    Jose De La Vega (Hotel Continental maitre d')  
    Roland Rohrer (Vieux Moulin maitre d')  
    Susan Parry (French woman)  
    Nguyen Anh Dung (Mechanic in Muoi's garage)  
    Peter Holdsworth (Pyle's bodyguard)  
  L'arc en Ciel Band Ngoc Tuan Hoang    
    Trece Lambatan    
    Erwin Abarico    
    Jun Javier    
    Van Phuoc Nguyen    
    Mark Szeto    
    Askar Nurlanov    
    Douglas Gallagher    
    Nicholas Parry    
    Vov Dylan    

Summary: In 1952 Saigon, Thomas Fowler, a seasoned correspondent for The Times (London) who has been covering the French-Communist conflict in Vietnam, is summoned to Inspector Vigot’s office to identify Alden Pyle, whose body was found floating in the Saigon River. After identifying the corpse at the morgue, Fowler crosses the newly poured cement floor in the hallway of his house and tells his young Vietnamese mistress, Phuong, that Pyle has been assassinated. Fowler then recalls the first time he met Pyle, on the terrace of the Hotel Continental in Saigon, a hotel frequented by Americans: Pyle, an idealistic young American who believes that he can “make a difference” in the war-torn country, eagerly introduces himself to Fowler as a member of the medical division of an economic aid mission. Fowler, who prides himself on being a dispassionate reporter of events, is amused by the American’s certainty that he can make things better. Later at his office, Fowler’s assistant Hinh hands him a telegram from his London editor ordering his return to England. To justify staying in Vietnam, Fowler decides to write a story about Phat Diem, a village in the North under siege by Communists. That night at a social gathering attended by Joe Tunney of the American Delegation, Fowler introduces Phuong to Pyle, who is enchanted by her beauty. After Pyle is dragged to a brothel by Bill Granger, a drunken, crude American, Fowler comes to his rescue and invites Pyle to join him and Phuong for dinner at the L’Arc en Ciel dance hall. There the naïve Pyle is shocked as American men vie to buy tickets to dance with young Vietnamese women. While dancing with Phuong, Pyle says that he knows only two words of Vietnamese. Phuong’s avaricious older sister, Miss Hei, joins them at the table, and upon learning that Pyle is unmarried, suggests that he visit her and Phuong while Fowler is away. After leaving the women, Fowler tells Pyle that when he met her, Phuong, the daughter of a good family, was forced to work as a taxi dancer after her father’s death left her penniless. Upon returning home that night, Fowler tells Phuong that he has been called back to London. When she asks to go with him, he declares that he would marry her if he could, but warns that his Roman Catholic wife will never grant him a divorce. Some time later, as Fowler nears Phat Diem, he is surprised to see Pyle, who claims that he came to get a “first-hand look” at his medical team. When they find the villagers massacred and the ground littered with dead bodies, Fowler’s French escorts blame the Communists for the murders, but Fowler questions what motive the Communists would have to kill innocent villagers. That night, they take shelter in a bunker where Fowler asks Pyle his real reason for coming. Pyle replies that he has fallen in love with Phuong and wants to “protect her.” Upon awakening the next morning, Fowler finds a note from the departed Pyle, stating that he will talk to him about Phuong in Saigon. When Fowler returns to Saigon he files his story, then watches in dismay as a rally is held to honor General Thé, a Vietnamese warlord who has broken allegiance with the French and thus is being hailed as the leader of a new political party. On the outskirts of the rally, Pyle looks on approvingly. Later, Pyle comes to the house to propose to Phuong, infuriating Fowler. After Pyle leaves, Fowler writes a letter to his wife, asking for a divorce. Months later, Fowler crosses a dangerous stretch along the Cambodian border to interview Thé and is surprised to see Pyle, who explains that he has set up camp with his medical team. When Thé refuses to meet with Fowler, Pyle arranges an interview in which Muoi, a Vietnamese businessman, translates. After Fowler implies that Thé was responsible for the massacre near Phat Diem, Thé becomes enraged and storms off. Fowler then spots Joe lurking in the shadows. Pyle unexpectedly asks Fowler for a ride back to Saigon, and as night falls, their car runs out of gas, leaving them stranded. Nearby is a watchtower being guarded by Vietnamese soldiers, and Fowler and Pyle take refuge there. Later that night, they hear cars approach and a voice calls out to the soldiers to turn over the foreigners. Grabbing one of the soldier’s rifles, Pyle jumps down from the tower and urges Fowler to follow. Fowler injures his ankle in the leap and Pyle drags him to safety just as their assailants fire-bomb the tower. Because Fowler is unable to walk, Pyle leaves him to go in search of help. While he is alone, Fowler recalls the first time he saw Phuong at the L’Arc en Ciel as she was being pawed by crass Americans. His reverie of Phuong is interrupted when Pyle arrives with some French soldiers. Upon returning to Saigon, Fowler becomes alarmed by the sudden growth of Thé’s army and begins to suspect that Joe and Muoi are backing the general. Phuong welcomes Fowler home and hands him a letter from his wife in London, which he opens and hides under his pillow when Pyle arrives unexpectedly. Fowler then announces that his wife has granted him a divorce. Some time later, Pyle, Phuong and her sister come to Fowler’s office, where Phuong’s sister confronts him with the letter in which his wife has stated that she will never grant him a divorce. Affronted, they accuse Fowler of lying and leave. When they depart, Hinh informs Fowler that he and some associates have learned that Muoi has been avoiding customs on the goods he imports. When Hinh states that a new shipment has just arrived at Muoi’s warehouse, Fowler and Hinh break into the warehouse and find containers labeled “diolacton” with Joe Tunney as their designated consignee. Returning home to find that Phuong has left him for Pyle, Fowler proceeds to Pyle’s office and then his house, where he stands forlornly in the street. Later, when Fowler asks Pyle about diolacton, Pyle says that it is a plastic used in the manufacture of eyeglasses. Soon after, Fowler is seated on the terrace of the Continental Hotel when a violent explosion rocks the square, killing and maiming innocent civilians. Horrified, Fowler runs into the carnage to help the injured while Pyle coldly observes from a distance and wipes a patch of blood from his pant leg. Back at his office, Fowler is recalling the horrific experience to Hinh when he realizes that he saw Pyle speaking fluent Vietnamese. When Fowler researches diolacton and discovers that it is used in making explosives, he realizes that the Americans are supplying Thé with the materials to make bombs. Emboldened, Hinh informs Fowler that Pyle works for the CIA and asks him to set up a meeting to which the unsuspecting Pyle will come without his bodyguards. When Fowler hesitates, Hinh counsels that “one must take sides if one is to remain human.” Consequently, Fowler invites Pyle to his house, and when Pyle arrives with his dog, he fervently defends Thé as the one person who can stop Communism and then admits that the general ordered the assassination attempt on Fowler. Appalled by the American’s arrogance and certainty about what is right, Fowler decides to aid Hinh in his plot and arranges to meet Pyle at a restaurant that night. Later that evening, Fowler is seated at an outdoor restaurant as Pyle crosses a bridge with his dog and is accosted by knife-wielding assailants. As the assailants pursue Pyle into the dark alleyways, a drunken Granger plops down at Fowler’s table, saddened by his son’s recent diagnosis with polio and desperate to talk to a familiar face. Unnerved by the turn of events, Fowler excuses himself and sees Hinh ride off on his bicycle. Late that night, after Vigot has summoned Fowler to identify Pyle’s body, Vigot comes to Fowler’s house and states that he has proof that Pyle was there earlier because Pyle’s dog, whose throat was slashed, had wet cement from Fowler’s floor between his toes. After responding that “there is a war on and people are dying every day,” Fowler goes to L’Arc en Ciel and buys a ticket to dance with Phuong. Phuong is unresponsive until Fowler promises never to leave, after which she embraces him. Once at home, Fowler tells Phuong that he needs to apologize, and she replies “not to me, never to me.” 

Production Company: Mirage Enterprises  
  Saga Pictures  
  Intermedia Films  
  IMF Production  
Production Text: Miramax Films and Intermedia Films present
Distribution Company: Miramax Film Corp. (The Walt Disney Company)
Director: Phillip Noyce (Dir)
  Dang Nhat Minh (2d unit dir)
  Steve Andrews (1st asst dir)
  Jacinta Hayne (2d asst dir)
  Tran Thi Bich Ngoc (2d asst dir, Vietnam unit)
  Tran Viet Duc (2d asst dir, Vietnam unit)
  Jennifer Leacey (2d asst dir, prep)
  Todd Embling (3d asst dir)
  Du Hai Lam (3rd asst dir, Vietnam unit)
  Glen Graves (Addl asst dir, Vietnam unit)
  Wilbur Gonzales (Addl asst dir, Vietnam unit)
  China De La Vega (Addl asst dir, Vietnam unit)
  Lucy Cooper (Addl asst dir, Vietnam unit)
  Do Than Hai (2d unit asst dir, Vietnam unit)
Producer: William Horberg (Prod)
  Staffan Ahrenberg (Prod)
  Matthias Deyle (IMF prod)
  Guy East (Exec prod)
  Nigel Sinclair (Exec prod)
  Moritz Borman (Exec prod)
  Chris Sievernich (Exec prod)
  Sydney Pollack (Exec prod)
  Anthony Minghella (Exec prod)
  Volker Schauz (IMF exec prod)
  Dieter Nobbe (IMF exec prod)
  Oliver Hengst (IMF exec prod)
  Kathleen McLaughlin (Co-prod)
  Eyal Rimon (Co-prod)
  Roland Loubet (Co-prod)
  Antonia Barnard (Line prod)
  Oliver Hengst (IMF line prod)
  Steve Andrews (Assoc prod)
  Ngog Quang (Giai Phong Studios exec)
Writer: Christopher Hampton (Scr)
  Robert Schenkkan (Scr)
Photography: Christopher Doyle (Dir of photog)
  Brad Shield (Addl photog and Steadicam op)
  David Burr (Addl photog)
  Nguyen Huu Tuan (2d unit cam, Vietnam unit)
  Carolyn Johns (Still photog)
  Matthew Nettheim (Still photog)
  Phil Bray (Still photog)
  Brett Matthews (Focus puller)
  Colin Deane (Focus puller, Vietnam unit)
  Luke Nixon (Focus puller B cam)
  Dang Phuc Yen (2d unit focus puller, Vietnam unit)
  Jasmine Yuen-Carrucan (Clapper loader)
  Lee Marcus (Clapper loader, B cam)
  Tran Vy 'Ken' (2d unit clapper loader, Vietnam unit)
  James Smith (Video split op)
  Nick Payne (Gaffer)
  Matt Hoile (Rigging gaffer, Vietnam unit)
  Pacheco Rodolfo (Rigging gaffer, Vietnam unit)
  Cabalquinto Silvestre Jnr (Rigging gaffer, Vietnam unit)
  Antony Tulloch (Best boy)
  Nguyen The Hiep (Best boy elec, Vietnam unit)
  Boo Slattery (Elec)
  Glen Jenkins (Elec)
  Liam Sutherland (Elec)
  Hoang Duc Phuc (Elec, Vietnam unit)
  Huynh Kim Anh (Elec, Vietnam unit)
  Le Thanh Son (Elec, Vietnam unit)
  Hoang Duc Minh (Elec, Vietnam unit)
  Tran Dang Khoi (Elec, Vietnam unit)
  Luke Cross (Rigging elec)
  Nathan Walton (Rigging elec)
  Craig Knight (Rigging elec)
  Vo Thanh Thong (Rigging elec, Vietnam unit)
  Paul Thompson (Key grip)
  Huynh Van Phi (2d unit grip, Vietnam unit)
  Malcolm Booth (Best boy grip)
  Guy Bowden (Best boy grip)
  Alan Handsaker (Grip asst)
  Troy Paschini (Grip asst)
  Paul Anderson (Grip asst)
  Ho Hoan Hai (Grip asst, Vietnam unit)
  Ho Hoan Kiem (Grip asst, Vietnam unit)
  Ly Ngoc Quanh (Grip asst, Vietnam unit)
  Hoang Dinh Cuong (Grip asst, Vietnam unit)
  Tripoint Rigging Services (Rigging services)
  Tran Tan Huan (Rigger, Vietnam unit)
  Nguyen Tien Dung (Rigger, Vietnam unit)
  Le Van Hung (Rigger, Vietnam unit)
  Jared Behan (Board op)
  Tran Van Loc (Generator op, Vietnam unit)
  Tran Van Phuong (Generator op, Vietnam unit)
  Hoang Duc Minh (Generator op, Vietnam unit)
  Pham Duc Hung (Generator op, Vietnam unit)
  Ho Hoan Sa (Generator op, Vietnam unit)
  Ho Thien Thuy (Generator op, Vietnam unit)
  Nguyen Duc Quang (Generator op, Vietnam unit)
  Jasmine Yuen-Carrucan (Clapper loader)
  Nguyen Vinh Son (Video asst, Vietnam unit)
  Vu Duc Tung (Video asst, Vietnam unit)
  Panavision, Australia (Cam and lenses by)
  PS Services (Lighting and equipment, Vietnam)
  Panavision Lighting (Lighting and equipment, Australia)
  Premier Lighting (Lighting and equipment, Australia)
Art Direction: Roger Ford (Prod des)
  Ian Gracie (Supv art dir)
  Jeff Thorp (Art dir)
  Annie Beauchamp (Art dir, Vietnam unit)
  Pham Quang Vinh (Art dir, Vietnam unit)
  Jeff Thorp (Art dir)
  Nguyen Pham Can (Art dir)
  Tony Williams (Asst art dir)
  Pham Quoc Trung (Asst art dir, Vietnam unit)
  Elaine Kusmishko (Asst des)
  David Russell (Storyboard artist)
  Beth Pickworth (Graphics des)
  Gillian Rezard (Graphics asst)
  Tran Jean-Luc (Art dept coord, Vietnam unit)
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  Nguyen Dinh Thi (Asst coord, Vietnam unit)
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  Nguyen Thanh Hai (Art dept translator, Vietnam unit)
  Le Ho Phuoc Vinh (Art dept translator, Vietnam unit)
  Tran Thi Loi (Art dept translator, Vietnam unit)
Film Editor: John Scott (Ed)
  Chris Plummer (1st asst ed)
  Jason Ballantine (1st asst ed)
  George Turnure (2d asst ed)
  Lisa Anne Morris (Visual eff ed)
  Lisa Anne Morris (Rushes coord)
  Paula Lourte (Supv conform ed)
  Pamela Barnetta (Conform ed)
  David Burrows (Conform ed)
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  Maria Kaltenthaler (Conform ed)
  Kerri Aungle Negative Cutting Services (Neg matching)
  Video 8 Broadxast (Rushes telecine transfer)
  Frame, Set & Match (High definiton grade & video mastering)
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  Steve McGillen (High definition finishing)
  Spectrum Films (Picture post facility)
  Atlab Australia (Film Laboratory)
  Oliver Fontenay (Dir of prod, Atlab)
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Set Decoration: Kerrie Brown (Set dec)
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Costumes: Norma Moriceau (Cost des)
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Music: Craig Armstrong (Orig mus prod, arr & orch)
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Sound: Guntis Sics (Sd rec)
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Special Effects: Steve Courtley (Spec eff supv)
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  Animal Logic Film (Visual eff)
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  Optical & Graphic (Subtitles and end credits)
  Ian Brown (Senior anim)
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Dance: John O'Connell (Choreographer)
  Jackie Howard (Asst choreography)
Make Up: Margaret Stevenson (Supv makeup and hair artist & Mr. Caine's makeup artist)
  Ben Nye, Jnr (Key makeup artist & Mr. Fraser's makeup artist)
  Cheryl Williams (Key hairdresser)
  Maree McDonald (Makeup/Hairstylist)
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Production Misc: Christine King (Casting)
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  Swan Pham (European casting)
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Stand In: Jim Goodall (Double)
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  Sam Coates (Double)
  Ashley Fairfield (Double)
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  Sam Coates (Stand-in)
  Peter Arnold (Stand-in)
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Color Personnel: Arthur Cambridge (Col grader)
  Al Hansen (Col)
MPAA Rating: R
Country: Australia and United States
Language: English

Songs: “Nuoc Non Lam Son,” written by Hoang Quy, performed by Manh Phat; “Tieng Sao Trong Suong,” traditional, performed by Co Ly Nuong; “Song from Hue,” traditional, performed by Lo Ng Uyen Thy, Do Thi Le Tuyt and Le Thi Thanh Mai; “Nhac Long,” written by Canh Than, performed by Ngoc Bao; “Mademoiselle de Paris,” composed by Paul Durand/Henri Contet/Eric Maschwitz/Mitchell Parish; ©1948 Ed. Mus. Continental-Intersong (assigned to Warner/Chappell Music France S.A.), used by permission of Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd., all rights reserved, performed by Natasha Hunter; “Besame Mucho,” written by Consuelo Velazquez/Ricardo Lopez Mendez/Sunny Skylar, Southern Music Publsihing Co (A’Asia) Pty Ltd., licensed from Southern Music Publishing Co (A’Asia) P/L; “Tieng Goi Thanh Nien, The Call to Youth,” written by Luu Huu Phuoc, performed by The Army Music Band; “Je suis swing,” composed by André Hornez and John Hess (assigned to Warner/Chappell Music France S.A.), used by permission of Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd., all rights reserved, performed by Johnny Hess; “So Do I,” written by Johnny Burke/Arthur Johnston, © Anne-Rachel Music Corporation & J. Albert & Son Pty Ltd.; “June Light,” composed by Jack Trombey, Rouge Music Ltd./De Wolfe Limited; “Dich Mau Biet Kim Lang,” traditional, performed by Co Nam Can Tho; “La Seine,” composed by Guy Lafarge/Flavien Monod; ©1948 Société des Editions Royalty (assigned to Editions et Productions Théâtrales Chappell), used by permission of Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd., all rights reserved, performed by Christian Dolislager; “Tieng Dan Ai,” written by Hoang Trong & Quoc Bao, performed by Moc Lan; “Mon ange,” lyrics by Jean Féline/Bruno Coquatrix, ©1940 Warner/Chappell Music France SA (ex Editions Musicales Ray Ventura), used by permission of Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd., all rights reserved, performed by Leo Marjanc; “Exterior l’arc en ciel,” written by William Motzing; “Suoi Mo” and “Thien Thai,” written by Van Cao, performed by Hong Nhung; “J’ai deux amours,” composed by Vincent Scotto/Geo. Koger/Henri Varna, ©Editions Salabert S.A. (AC), Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd., all rights reserved, performed by Natasha Hunter; “Our Love Affair,” written by Arthur Freed and Roger Edens, ©1940 EMI Feist Catalog Inc., licensed by EMI Catalogue Partnership Australia Pty Limited; “11 Hours,” written by Joe E. Rand, Superscore Music (ASCAP), performed by Joe E. Rand; “La vie en rose,” music by Louiguy, lyrics by Edith Piaf, published by Campbell Connelly & Co (Aust) Pty Ltd., performed by Louis Armstrong, courtesy of MCA Records Inc., under license from Universal Music Aust Pty Ltd; “Song for Phuong,” composed by Craig Armstrong, lyrics by Craig Armstrong & Hong Nhung, performed by Hong Nhung; “Mon homme,” composed by Maurice Yvain/Jacques Charles/Albert Willemetz, ©Salabert Soc (OA)/Ascherberg Hopwood and Crew Ltd. (AP), used by permission of Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd., all rights reserved, performed by Sidney Bechet; “Insensiblement,” composed by Paul Misraki, ©1939 Editions Imperia (assigned to Warner/Chappell Music France S.A.), used by permission of Warner/Chappell Music Australia Pty Ltd., all right reserved.
Composer: Craig Armstrong
  Quoc Bao
  Johnny Burke
  Van Cao
  Jacques Charles
  Henri Contet
  Bruno Coquatrix
  Paul Durand
  Roger Edens
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Source Text: Based on the novel The Quiet American by Graham Greene (London, 1955).
Authors: Graham Greene

Copyright Claimant Copyright Date Copyright Number
IMF-Internationale Medien und Film GmbH & Co. 2 Produktions KG 0/0/2001 dd/mm/yyyy  

PCA NO: 38789
Physical Properties: Sd: dts Digital Sound; SDDS Sony Dynamic Digital Sound; Dolby Digital in selected theatres
  col: Kodak Australasia; Fuji Vision
  gauge: 35mm
  Widescreen/ratio: Panavision

Genre: Drama
Sub-Genre: with songs
Subjects (Major): Americans in foreign countries
  Romantic rivalry
Subjects (Minor): Assassination
  English in foreign countries
  Indochinese War, 1946-1954
  Saigon (Vietnam)
  Taxi dancers
  Undercover operations
  United States. Central Intelligence Agency

Note: The opening and closing onscreen cast credits differ slightly in order. The film opens with a shimmering image of the Saigon River. Over this image, the off-screen voice of Michael Caine as “Thomas Fowler” recites an elegy to life in Vietnam. His narration is interrupted by the sound of a splash and a cut to the body of “Pyle” floating in the river. Fowler’s narration continues throughout the film. The closing credits contain a number of written acknowledgments to persons and institutions who assisted in the production. Among them were various Vietnamese government departments and locations. “Dipsychus,” the poem partially recited by Fowler in the film, was written in 1850 by English writer Arthur Hugh Clough.
       Although the film was completed in Apr 2001, it was not released until Nov 2002. Miramax Films, the distributor, decided to delay the release after audiences at a New Jersey test screening on 10 Sep 2001 reacted “negatively to the film’s critique of American interventionist policies abroad,” according to a NYT Nov 2002 article. The next day, 11 Sep 2001, terrorists crashed three jets into the World Trade Center Towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, causing them to collapse. Miramax then decided to postpone the release indefinitely. In the NYT article, Harvey Weinstein, the head of Miramax, was quoted as saying “My biggest fear was erring on the side of bad taste…In light of everything that happened, you needed to have your head examined if you thought this was a time for questioning America."
       The film’s fidelity to Graham Greene’s novel, in which Greene, according to the film’s director, Phillip Noyce, “defined a particular moment in U.S. history when America started taking responsibility for the world,” seemed especially critical at a time when the United States had just come under terrorist attack. Fowler’s cynical remarks about American intervention only exacerbated the situation. A Sep 2002 The Times, (London) article suggests that the studio ordered Noyce to reedit the film in order to make more ambiguous the criticism of “American adventurism” that screenwriter Christopher Hampton had incorporated into the script.
       Another major difference between the novel and the film is that although the novel was set in 1952, the film’s ending features a collage of newspaper clippings from the late 1950s to the 1960s that trace France’s defeat and America’s entry into the Vietnam war. Mark Gill, the president of Miramax Los Angeles, said in the Times article that Noyce added this montage to link the events of the 1950s to events from the 1960s more familiar to Americans.
       Noyce also decided to change the nationality of Fowler’s assistant, "Mr. Hinh." In the novel, the assistant was Indian, not a Vietnamese working undercover for the Communists. Noyce said that he was inspired to make the change by a story he heard about Vietnamese patriot General An. In the film’s press kit Noyce explained that An, while working as an undercover spy for the Vietnamese, was employed by the French as a censor, by the Americans to gather intelligence and finally by Time magazine and the Reuters news service, making him a triple agent. The Times article notes that Caine and Anthony Minghella, one of the film’s executive producers, finally convinced Weinstein to release the film, and as a result it had its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on 6 Sep 2002. In a Sep 2002 Var news item, Gill stated that the film’s enthusiastic support at the Toronto Film Festival persuaded Miramax to release the film in the U.S.
       According to a Screen International Apr 1991 article, the film was originally to be a co-production between Sydney Pollack’s Mirage Enterprises and Electric Pictures, an independent partnership of Staffan Ahrenberg and Nicole Seguin. Materials contained in the film’s press kit add that Ahrenberg acquired the rights to Greene’s novel in 1988-89 and agreed to develop the project with Pollack, who had the first right of refusal to direct the picture, which was to be scripted by Frank Galati. Press kit materials note that Noyce became interested in acquiring the rights to Greene’s novel in 1995 while on a research trip to Vietnam in which he was accompanying former U.S. military intelligence officers back to their training grounds. When Noyce learned that Mirage and Ahrenberg already owned the rights to the novel, he met with Pollack and his Mirage partner, William Horberg, who then agreed that Noyce should direct the picture.
       By Sep 1995, a Screen International article announced that film project was to be financed by Paramount and that Noyce was to direct. In May 1997, Sean Connery was named to star and Johnny Depp was being considered to co-star, according to May 1997 article in Screen International . Once Paramount rejected the project, Mirage began developing the project with Intermedia Films, according to a Feb 2001 article in Screen International .
       The film began production on 17 Feb 2001, and spent five weeks shooting locations in Vietnam. According to a Nov 2002 HR news item, location shooting was done in Ho Chi Minh City, (which before the Communist takeover was known as Saigon), at the Continental Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, the town of Ninh Binh, the port town of Hoi An, the nearby town of Da Nang and in Hanoi City. Second unit director Dang Nhat Minh, whose father was killed by an American bomber during the war in Vietnam, directed the Saigon square scene in Ho Chi Minh City, according to the HR article. A Sep 2001 NYT article adds that Nguyen Thinh Bac, who worked as a technical advisor on the guillotine sequence, had been imprisoned by the French during the war.
       The Quiet American marked the English-language debut of Vietnamese actress Do Thi Hai Yen, who learned English specifically for the film. It also marked the first major American-financed film to be made in Vietnam since the end of the war. The film had its Vietnamese premiere on 17 Dec 2002 and was commended by the Vietnamese government as “an accurate portrayal of early U.S. involvement in Indochina,” according to a 17 Dec 2002 Reuters news item. The film was selected as one of AFI’s top ten films of the year, and Michael Caine was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor--Drama and for an Academy Award for Best Actor. Philip Noyce was named Best Director of 2002 by the National Board of Review.
       The Quiet American had previously been filmed in 1958 by Figaro, Inc., directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and starring Audie Murphy and Michael Redgrave. There are several differences between that version and the 2002 version. In the 1958 film, Pyle is never given a name, but known only as “The American." "Phuong’s” rejection of Fowler at the end of the 1958 film differs from both the novel and the 2002 film, in which she goes back to Fowler. 

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